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Pete the Cooler has bad luck. Pete the Cooler is splashing cold water on everyone around him. He does this to investments on a daily basis – cools them off as soon as he buys them. Now, you can caution yourself and others to beware of Pete the Cooler’s lovable, but destructive nature with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other clothing.


Pete The Cooler t-shirts and accessories are now available from the PtC shop at Spreadshirt.com and Amazon.com

Pete the Cooler Strikes Again Design with Black InkPete the Cooler Strikes Again! (dark shirt)
So Bearish I'm Bullish Pete the Cooler Bulls and Bears


Pete the Cooler Accessories and Tees at Spreadshirt.com

From mouse pads, phone cases, and even bandanas for dogs – remind yourself that Pete the Cooler can splash water on your investments at any time. Buy Now

PTC Strikes Again mouse pad

Pete the Cooler Strikes Again!