Official Financial Acronyms Glossary

As you know, Pete the Cooler enjoys using financial acronyms to shorten very complicated financial terms, just like the big boys of the financial world do. It sounds so slick, suave, and sophisticated to rattle off a bunch of terms to show your superior financial intellect. So read the financial acronyms glossary below to see the terms I have coined that are being rapidly adopted by the hundreds of millions of people participating in the global financial industry. Keep checking back as I continuously add to the glossary.

Pete the Cooler’s Official Glossary of Financial Acronyms

AssED = Asset Event Destruction

DeAD = Devastating Asset Decline

DIVA = Depression from Investing in Volatile Assets

DIVE = Depression from Investing in Volatile Equities

ETH = Enormous Technical Hairball  [Crytpo Acronym]

FAaNG = Forced Attempt at Nefarious Globalism

GAAP = Generally Avoidable Asset Plunge

GOOF = Gambling On Others’ Futures

HODL = Happily Overlook Delusions & Lies  [Crytpo Acronym]

HOPE = Highly Optimistic Price Estimate

ICOInsiders Cashing Out

LUCK = Large Unearned Compensation Kickback

NEO = Never Ending Optimism   [Crytpo Acronym]

PtC = Pete the Cooler

REKT = Rapidly Entering Kickshaws Territory  [Crytpo Acronym]

RICH = Reliable Investor Confidence & Hope

SAD = Suddenly Abandoned Demand


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