Increase a Share Price

Increase share price of your long position or call option by having Pete the Cooler (PtC) abstain from buying or holding shares of a particular company or coins of a particular digital cryptocurrency.

This will protect your investment from DeAD AssED (Destructive Asset Drop) (Asset Event Destruction), caused by my natural price-cooling abilities.

Complete the form below if you would like to protect the price of your stock investment. Provide the company stock symbol and the duration for which you would like to protect your stock price and I will keep my bad luck away from your investment by NOT purchasing any shares of your specified company during that time.

I can’t guarantee results of course, as even a stopped clock is right twice a day. But I can offer an opportunity for superstitious people to hedge their investment strategies based on the bad-luck of Pete the Cooler. It’s like praying that the stock price increases, it doesn’t cost a lot and won’t hurt to try!

If you need examples, I’m happy to oblige:

  • Triggered a 10% DeAD in Atara Biotherapeutics ATRA: (%) on March 13, 2018 for a client looking for a lower entry price to go long.
  • Started a DeAD AssED on American Outdoor Brands Corporation (formerly Smith & Wesson) AOBC: (%) causing over 50% value destruction from November 2016 through March 2018 for clients with significant short positions.
  • I had a large institutional investor pay me to exit my long position in Caterpillar CAT: (%) in November 2016 allowing the share price to elevate from $90 to a high of $170 per share in January 2018 – nearly 90% appreciation in 14 months on a Blue Chip? Only Pete the Cooler can make that happen.

I have many more like this across large cap, small cap, penny stocks, industrial, technology, biotech, pharma, retail, and even crypto digital currencies – you name it. I have used my inverse investing strategies (trademark pending) to make my clients A LOT OF MONEY!

Don’t let Pete cool your newest stock or cryptocurrency!

If Pete the Cooler initiates a position in a stock you recently purchased, you can pretty much guarantee the stock price will fall. Don’t believe me? Check out some of my portfolio.

The only way to make sure Pete the Cooler doesn’t cool the stock price is to make sure he doesn’t own any of the shares.

You can select a time duration that you want Pete to abstain from purchasing shares and make sure that Pete’s bad luck doesn’t drag down your investment.

Don’t wait, lock in your trade protection now!

Fill out the form below and I will email you a link to a payment page.

You will receive a electronic certificate with the details of the protection.