ETH – Pete the Cooler’s Crypto Financial Acronym of the Week

For all you crypto currency, Bitcoin, Ether, alt coin fanatics, I’m expanding my Financial Acronym of the Week series to include crypto-related financial acronyms! As you may know, Pete the Cooler enjoys using financial acronyms to shorten complicated financial terms, just like the big boys of the financial world do so each week I introduce new terms. It sounds so slick, suave, and sophisticated to rattle off a bunch of terms to show your superior financial intellect. For all the cryptocurrency diehards and Bitcoin bloggers, I will teach you the meaning of ETH.

Normally I recommend maintaining a forced power pose while using these terms to ensure that others submit to your prowess or mistakenly assume you are a maniacal overlord scheming for world domination, before they return to Facebook and Twitter to their own future detriment.

George Soros
Credit: Satan
Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Founder
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I’m going to waive that rule for the crypto financial acronym series, since mostly you will use this term from behind a computer so nobody will see you unless you are a super geek chatting with a webcam or you are the last one to realize you can be spied on through your own webcam and you haven’t put tape over the lens.

Financial Acronyms – ETH

So the truest meaning of the term ETH is: Enormous Technical Hairball (ETH). Regardless of how interesting a concept is, the underlying technical capability and functionality must work. Efficiently. If it does not, it may be an ETH.

For example, despite the massive, disruptive opportunity provided by decentralization and smart contracts, a global network that gets bogged down by digital cat game traffic and “gas oracles” ain’t ready for primetime.

Using it in a sentence looks like this: Tony asked me to join his start-up but the code is such an ETH (Enormous Technical Hairball) that even the Series A won’t come through.

Those sneaker-shoe guys in the basement chewing on caffeinated gum will start using this one for sure.

And, there are a lot more jewels where that came from. I’ll keep rolling out financial acronyms weekly (or so) as we go down this PtC rabbit hole together.

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