High-tech Firm Offers the Most Radical Use Yet of 3D Printers

3D printers took the tech world by storm in recent years only to be pushed to the background by excitement around artificial intelligence and blockchain. In a renewed push from entrepreneurs leveraging the innovative technology, recent news stories about 3D printing have captured creative uses like 3D printing houses for the poor and less expensive dental prosthetics.

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But now, it turns out that the high-tech start-up firm, Snooglebook, has made a generational leap with 3D printing and for the first time in human history, we are able to 3D print 3D printers.

Transformative Shift in Power Balance

This is a remarkable achievement for human kind. This development has allowed the people to solidify their grip on the means of production and undermine the power of electronics manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Epson, to radically democratize printing. It will transform the relationships between individuals and corporate printer giants and the people will no longer be at the mercy of major corporations to acquire 3D printers.

Anyone who has ever purchased a printer knows that the product life expectancy is ludicrously short. Even with light use, standard printers and 3D printers rarely provide a reasonable return on investment before requiring replacement or very costly repairs. The ability to 3D print your own replacement 3D printer is a step forward for mankind only slightly less important than Buzz Aldrin being the first human to pee on the moon.

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Challenges remain for 3D Printers Printing 3D Printers

Despite the amazing advancement in the technology, there remains a significant challenge: the 3D printed 3D printers get smaller and smaller with each print.

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